About - Fruity Coco
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We love everything about coconut! I guess you could say our family consists of coco locos. Our beloved sister got the idea from my dad, and our entrepreneurial spirit drove us to develop Fruity Coco.
Our goal is to be a global brand that provides coconut fanatics and the health-conscious around the world a one-stop shop for all things coconut–and a bit of fruits, too. Our coconut products are all natural, innovative, and made to tingle the senses. They are made with unique, all-natural, innovative ingredients, all derived from coconuts.
Coconut is a “superfood.” It’s no wonder that its tree is called the tree of life; practically every part of the coconut can be used. The coconut may be a simple fruit, but it can provide our basic needs. Its meat, milk, water, and oil are
natural ingredients of many health and beauty products, which makes this refreshing fruit more intriguing than it appears.
Coconuts are wildly grown in the Philippines and made readily available for anyone to use. It’s considered a staple food in the Philippines that has sustained many generations. Fruity Coco draws from this and has brought the coconut into the now by creating coconut-derived products that are not only edible but also functional.
Fruity Coco has products that fit your health-conscious lifestyle and a variety of items that are beneficial to your beauty and skin care regimen. We even have something that will address your fitness and body wellness needs.
Featuring truly organic and natural products, Fruity Coco will definitely tingle your senses. Regardless of your lifestyle, Fruity Coco is a treat for your sense of sight, taste, smell, and touch.